e-Document Management
System (EDMS - MIMZY™)
- Making Information Management Easy

Sure-Reach provides an integrated document management solution from paper to electronic document. MIMZY™, (Making Information Management Easy) –an advanced electronic document management system (EDMS) with complete repository and document organizational features to enable users worldwide to store and access, use and share their documents effortlessly anytime, anywhere.

MIMZY™ stores all softcopy documents (agreements, forms, worksheets, emails etc) in a single, unified repository and supports the viewing of more than 150 types of system files including videos and AutoCad drawings through a universal, single viewer application which is very easy to use. Information can also be accessed or retrieved across all modern communication devices including smart phones and tablets.

Built not only for individual’s store and access, MIMZY™ comes with collaborative workflow capabilities to enable documents sharing and assignment so that work groups may access and work on the same documents simultaneously, if so required.

MIMZY™ is built to worldwide standards for secured information management such as MS2223 (Malaysia), DOD 5015.2 (USA), MoReq2 (Europe) and ISO 14589 (Australia) and is the perfect partner for the management of all electronic documents.
Top 5 Reasons to Use MIMZY™

1. Fast & Consistent Access to Information

With MIMZY™, you literally have all information and the entire organisation’s documents at your fingertips. Stored documents and files can be easily accessible anytime, anywhere via secured passwords.

2. Collaboration Workspace

MIMZY™ offers an inter-connected environment in which all related participants in dispersed locations can access and interact with each other, thereby bringing the team to a common ground for ease of collaboration.

3. Workflows

MIMZY™ offers workflow capabilities that can be deployed to allow re-engineering of specific operational cycles such as Procurement (PR to PO to DO/ GRN and Invoice), Human Resources (Leave, Claims management etc) accounting and operational cycles to improve controls, timeliness, ease and accuracy of reporting.

4. Security

Built in accordance to these worldwide standards with multi-level security accesses, users may define the access and security boundaries up to file, documents and records’ levels.

5. Easy Start-Up

The Software as a Service (SAAS) platform allows pay-as-you-use license, which enables you to obtain world-class systems at a fraction of the cost. No more huge outlay to procure systems.

For more information, you may also refer to www.mimzyedms.com