Secure Destruction

Confidential Information Securely Destroyed

A Data Breach Could Cost
Organisations Millions!

Confidential information such as business records, contracts, personnel or medical records, media tapes etc. could be your organisation’s intellectual assets or liability. These information, if not managed properly, possess high risks if they get into the wrong hands.


Sure-Reach offers services to securely destruct hardcopy records and media tapes in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. Upon complete destruction, clients will be given a certification of destruction as proof of the activity.

Offsite Shredding

For organisations that require ongoing and verified destruction of confidential documents, Sure-Reach will pick up your documents and destroy them in our secure shredding facilities.

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Contact us for a free risk assessment
Step 2. Get a customised quote from us
Step 3. Let us know the date and time for the destruction service
Step 4. We carry out the secure destruction service
Step 5. Certificate of Destruction issued

Why should you get Sure-Reach's
secure destruction service?
Secure & Compliant
Materials designated for destruction are cross-cut shredded to provide enough security while ensuring total compliance with strict local statutory and environment regulations.
Affordable, Convenient & Cost Effective
There’s no equipment to buy or long-term contract to sign. Choose one of our two secure destruction options to meet your specific needs and schedule at an affordable price.
Upon the completion of each destruction activity, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued as proof of the record destruction.
Professionally Managed
Our secure destruction services are ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management.
Destruct your confidential assets securely.
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