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ONE- “One-stop-outsourcing for Non-Core Essentials”
– is our brand for productive back office outsourcing.

Our value proposition is simple. With one call, you can put all your non-core operations on autopilot, freeing resources to focus on your core business. Your back office operations will run more cost effectively when you outsource them to us as your non-core operations are our core business.

Information Management, Courier and Logistic services are the main pillars of our business – each of them being full-scale services in their own right without any compromise in service level between one service with another and without any weak links in our value chain.

Whether you are outsourcing all or part of your back office operations, put them on autopilot with Sure-Reach.


When you work with Sure-Reach, you work with professionals. We know our capabilities, and we do what we promise. Our guiding principle is to ease you of your worries by running your back office operations with passion because your non-core operations are indeed, our core business.

Innovative Approach

Putting the latest technology into effective use is part of our operational guide. This is evidently shown with every service having its dedicated operational system such as online shipment tracking system and vehicle GPS for courier services and the World’s First Integrated RFID Centre For Records management.

Cost Awareness

While carrying out our services, we are aware of the importance of proper cost management therefore we constantly find new ways to improve and conserve expenses.

Emphasis on Safety and Security

Security is ingrained into our corporate culture and proper security features and procedures are set to uphold best practices. This is evident from the provision of specially designed operational supplies, many which are unique only to Sure-Reach.

As often as possible, background and police checks are also carried out on our staff for maximum peace of mind.

Our facilities and services are designed with safety in mind. Your packages, goods and records are protected and handled with care as further re-packaging are oftentimes carried out to ensure safe arrival of goods to its intended destinations.

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